Samoa Island Region, 29 September 2009

At 10:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time on September 29, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 8.0 occurred in the Samoa Islands region.

Tsunami propagation map.
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Tide Station Observed Amplitude
Pago Pago178.8cm/5.9Ft
Nawiliwili, HI21.7cm/0.71Ft
Honolulu, HI16.3cm/0.54Ft
Kawaihae, HI24.3cm/0.79Ft
Kahului, HI36.5cm/1.19Ft
Hilo, HI16.2cm/0.53Ft
Arena Cove, CA42cm/1.38Ft
Cresent City, CA23.3cm/0.76Ft
San Francisco, CA9.3cm/0.31Ft
Monterey, CA15.8cm/0.52Ft
Port San Luis, CA29.8cm/0.98Ft
Point Reyes, CA20.5cm/0.67Ft
Charleston, OR33.6cm/0.45Ft
Easter Island29.2cm/0.96Ft
Port Vila18.2cm/0.60Ft
Shemya, AK10.2cm/0.34Ft
La push, WA14.0cm/0.46Ft
Port Orford, OR17.0cm/0.56Ft
South Beach, OR8.8cm/0.29Ft

Location Expected Amplitude
Above Sea Level
Local Time
Initial Arrival
Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
Kahului, HI1m/3.3Ft--:----:--
Kawaihae, HI0.4m/0.13Ft--:----:--
Haleiwa, HI0.47m/1.54Ft--:----:--
Nawiliwili, HI0.15m/0.49Ft--:----:--
San Diego, CA15cm21:20 PDT04:20 UTC
San Pedro, CA30cm21:15 PDT04:15 UTC
Port San Luis, CA60cm21:07 PDT04:07 UTC
San Francisco, CA20cm21:31 PDT04:31 UTC
Cresent City, CA65cm21:20 PDT04:20 UTC
Newport, OR15cm21:52 PDT04:52 UTC
Seaside, OR25cm22:05 PDT05:05 UTC
Toke Pt, WA6cm--:----:--
Neah Bay, WA6cm22:13 PDT05:13 UTC
Sitka, AK16cm21:15 ADT05:15 UTC
Yakutat, AK6cm21:39 ADT05:39 UTC

NOAA model forecast results and preliminary analysis for the September 29, 2009 Samoa tsunami are summarized at
USGS Samoa event page is at